Keep your dog busy, tired, and happy with K9 nosework! This fast growing dog sport teaches how to encourage and develop your dog’s amazing natural scenting ability by using it’s desire to hunt and it’s love of food, toys and exercise. This exciting detection-style activity is appropriate for dogs of any age, breed, size or physical ability and handlers of all ages and abilities.

No dog training experience is necessary and each dog works separately, so this is a perfect class for dogs unsuited for a group class setting. The ability to conduct indoor searches makes the sport ideal mental and physical exercise for our rainy climate. Training equipment is minimal: cardboard boxes of various sizes, and a “working uniform” of collar or harness and leash that are used only for nosework.

During this class, we will encourage development of the hunt drive inborn in every dog – refining his natural talents rather than “training” him – by hunting for food treats in boxes in a variety of locations and scenarios. The handler will be coached in observing how the dog’s body language indicates his identification and location of the treat.