1. One dog will work at a time; other dogs will remain in their handler’s car until their turn. Dogs will work on leash at first, but will eventually work off-leash during indoor searches.

2. Please potty your dogs on either side of the parking lot, not on the grass around the building. Waste should be disposed of in the dumpster.

3. When entering/exiting classroom or pottying dogs please keep them at a safe distance (min 6’) from one another. No meet-and-greets.

4. We share our training building with childrens’ classes. Please keep the dogs at a safe distance from the children and use the doors that go directly outside from the classrooms, not the main entry door & hall. Remember that many children have not been taught how to approach a dog carefully, may be afraid of dogs, or may squeal & run.

5. Potty your dogs prior to class & before & after each run. Scent work may trigger elimination. If you think your dog may need to relieve himself, excuse yourself & gently take him outside. If he does have an accident in the classroom, don’t reprimand the dog, just take him outside. We will clean it up.

6. When you enter the room with your dog, wait outside of the designated search area until instructed to enter. This is a good time to put on the dogs “working gear.”

7. Please minimize chatting with one another during the dog’s run. Watching other dog-handler teams is a great way to learn. Every dog in the class is your teacher.

8. If the dog solicits social contact with other handlers during the search, please ignore them.

9. The instructor may “rev up” or excite your dog – please hold your ground and do not release the dog until instructed.

10. Please ask questions and remember that instructions may vary from team to team based on their individual needs.

11. Leave all obedience at the door, including “No” and “Leave it.” If the dog needs to leave something during a search, encourage the dog to move away by re-directing him to the search “Go find more” or patting your leg to move him toward you. Be careful not to leash-correct your dog.

12. Videotaping of dog-handler teams may occasionally be done for instructional purposes; the videos may be sent to you via e-mail, but are for your personal learning. Videos are not to be posted on any public access site (YouTube, Facebook, etc) without the instructor’s permission.

13. If you have any questions or problems that arise outside of class, please feel free to contact the instructor.