Now that your dog recognizes and is motivated to find the odor of your choice, we will gradually begin to wean him off of self-rewarding food treats and begin to work with odor alone and the love of the hunt as reward – although food (or toy) rewards will continue to be used the majority of the time.

Hides will become more complex, driven by changes in the dog’s environment. Handlers will work on observation of the dog’s body language to communicate the location of blind (to the handler) hides and learn to be a partner with the dog by helping him access odor in complicated environments. During this class, the second target odor, anise will be introduced, and we will work with both anise alone & in combination with birch; distraction odors will also be introduced when the dogs are reliably working on birch.  This class may be repeated several times before introduction of another target odor as we continue to refine handling skills.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Introduction to Odor (NW 2A); reliable identification of birch odor.